Postal Operator Improve revenue streams from postal, retail, payment and financial services Reduce hardware and software costs by consolidating transactions in a single user interface Seamless integration systems, devices and peripherals Customize, manage, and create new products and services Streamline processes to reduce operational costs
Post Office Automate back-office services including transactions, stock management, consolidation & reconciliation Easily manage all postal, retail, government and financial transactions from a central location Identify key consumers and deliver appropriate services automatically Easy to use, intuitive user interface that requires minimal training and support
Consumer Save time by performing multiple transactions in a single visit to the Post Office Complete postal services and other tasks such as bill pay and government payments quickly Start transactions on other Points of Service and complete at the counter

Peripherals, databases, and device integration enables Posts to capitalise on the rise in eCommerce and parcel deliveries. Small businesses, enterprises and government partners can quickly exchange data with the Counters solution via APIs.

Streamlining the Counter enables the Post Office to minimize wait times and increase consumer traffic. As part of an omni-channel strategy, it ensures a consistent experience as consumers move across channels.

Consumers can quickly complete multiple transactions at a single visit to the local Post Office — such as banking transactions, identity services, retails items, and a convenient range of postal services.