Postal Operator - Digital Define new revenue streams from partnerships with government, utility, payment and financial service providers Generate higher ROI for high-volume business mail advertising and marketing campaigns Securely distribute government communications to citizens: accept payments, send disbursements, improve collections, and send license reminders Reduce costs associated with physical document storage, retrieval, reproduction, and postage Become trusted partner of governments and businesses for online communications with consumers
Postal Operator – Hybrid Prepare and segregate document output for digital/physical delivery Provide bulk mailers with electronic and physical direct mail campaigns Gain visibility into mail volumes, trends, and stats to make data-driven decisions Track delivery and non-delivery of electronic and physical items Send mail according to the recipient’s preference, either paper or digitized Create better consumer profiles through preferences for receiving mail
Consumer Self-register, select service providers, define preferences, and avoid spam Communicate securely with government authorities and other providers View, filter, share, and archive business and personal documents Reduce fraud and improved security for online communications Manage your mail experience online

Our Digital Mail solution provides consumers with digital document delivery. This enables them to search, access, and store business and personal documents from any Internet-enabled device.

It seamlessly integrates with existing email infrastructures, it protects email accounts, reduces fraud, and minimizes phishing attempts. Encrypted communications ensure that data between consumers and service providers remains private.

Our Hybrid Mail solution offers Posts an integrated mail management solution that delivers messages, letters, invoices, and statements in either physical and/or electronic formats, depending on consumer preferences. Self-services capabilities enable consumers to opt-out or switch from physical to electronic mail. Bulk mailers and advertisers can leverage hybrid mail to coordinate marketing campaigns across both channels.

As businesses look to transition consumers from physical mail to Digital Mail, our solutions coordinate this migration, while satisfying consumers' needs, and providing them with the flexibility to choose and update their preferred delivery method.