Postal Operator Accelerate digital transformation from physical to digital channels Generate additional revenue streams from partners, advertising, and digital offerings Attract and retain business and government consumers with digital postal services Leverage business intelligence and data to develop better consumer profiles Increase the reach of postal services from outside the Post Office
Businesses Easily calculate package and letter prices, purchase postage, and print shipping labels Convenient self-service capabilities provides order history, payment, and reference numbers Consolidate parcel preparation, shipments and pick up from the office Monitor real-time transactions, and track items across delivery lifecycle
Consumer Manage entire postal experience online Purchase postal services from any internet enabled device Instant access to statements, transactions, services, and history on the go Collect, monitor, and spend loyalty points Use pre-filled forms to speed up applications, reduce manual errors, and process orders Arrange deliveries and collections to suit your schedule

Once setup, SMEs can coordinate their postal requirements online: mail assessment, bill payment, parcel preparation, returns, postage, retail items, and more.

PostPort sends automated SMS/email notifications and reminders based on events, actions, and preferences. Tracking tools assist with delivery coordination, parcel protection, and queries. APIs allow third-party applications to integrate with PostPort, opening up new sales channels and additional revenue streams.

Easy integration with front- and back-office postal systems ensures data and transactions are automatically sent to the Post’s central hub for processing.

Consumers can interact with their incoming mail and parcel deliveries, organize reroutes and returns from any Internet-enabled device. Either on the go or at home, they can preview mail, purchase items, and check the delivery status of packages scheduled to arrive. PostPort also provides an intuitive shopping cart with flexible payment options — credit cards, digital wallets, and/or stored value accounts. PostPort is the all-inclusive postal solution for consumers who are digital first shoppers.